See now, this is something that I personally applaud. There are few students who actually choose to learn to write. The fact they miss is that the written word stays with you till the end of days. It can get out of a grave situation by simply learning to use the right words, the right way at the right time. Well, there are very easy ways through which you can up your writing skills while still in school.

  1. Wide reading

This is where you ask, “What does reading have to do with writing?” everything. See, the more you read, the more your mind gets used to forming words into sentences, learns stylistic devices as they are used and expands your vocabulary. Read on genres you like, read on the mundane issues as well especially if they affect the world around you and read also, the simple writings that may be lying about or even blogs and essay sites online. This will go a long way in enabling you to not only write better but have a bigger scope of what to write about. It also enables you to form a taste of what you write about, as well as enable you to put your personality into your writing. Reading gives your writing as good a flow as a good pair of heels give hips so to speak.

  1. Join a writer’s club

There are many clubs in school that you may be encouraged to join in order to sharpen your social skills. However, a writer’s club will enable you to get ideas of what the writing world is interested in and how things are done. Is opens you up to social networks that can enable you to get ahead in your writing career to come.

  1. Offer your writing skills; at a fee of course!

The generation you are in right now does not enjoy or even consider writing. As such, most choose to look for shortcuts to get their assignments and papers done for them. Take advantage of this and practice your writing. Take up the task of writing their assignments, their research papers as well as the more complicated papers like dissertations and even thesis. This will open you up to a world of research especially if the papers are above your school grade. Hence, you get to sharpen your research skills as well as expand your knowledge base.

  1. Sign up to writing sites

There are hundreds of writing sites online currently. This is mainly due to the demand created by students looking to get someone else to work on their behalf. As such, there is an almost equal demand for writers. This makes it easy for you to not only practise your writing but also earn from it as you do. You can start off with doing the simple essays that come up and as you hone your skills, you can graduate to the more elaborate forms of academic writing like dissertations as mentioned above. Some of these sites even offer writers’ trainings.

  1. Mentorship

There is no great anyone who did not have a mentor looking over their shoulders as they worked out their talent. The necessity of a good mentor should never be looked over. These are the people that enable you to reach beyond your potential; they know which buttons to press so you can push yourself even further. So pick someone better than you in writing, someone who can call you out on a fault and also correct and guide you.

In simplicity, your ability to write amazingly is completely in your hands. You can easily shape the kind of writer you want to be by the things you choose to do, read and even listen to.