Have you ever read a blog and wished you could write like that? You realize just how many thoughts you have to share yet the thought of actually starting your own blog totally scares you? Well, this is only because anything you do not fully understand is bound to scare you. Let me break down how easy it is to start a blog then you will see that even you, can have your own blog.

  1. Find a genre you are passionate about

Before doing practically anything in life, you need to have the purpose of the deed clear. The motive must be clear from the beginning of any given process. In this case, you need to be clear on why you want to blog and what you want to write about. For instance, I love poetry, I love the written word and its effect though unclear to many. So, if I were to start a blog, it would be about the spoken word, the written word and probably all things literature. You find to need a genre that you are not only comfortable writing about but one that you are passionate about. Your passion comes out in your words and as such, its level will determine the level to which your readers enjoy reading your content.

  1. Find the perfect name

Now this is the part that many get stuck on, but really, it should be the easiest. Find a name that represents your blog ideas as represented in the first step, and also catches a glimpse of who you are. For instance, I came across a blog by Njeri Gitau, a girl who is crazy about natural African hair and the name she chose literally represents her and her goal. So if you know what you want your blog to represent, it will be easy to come up with the name that best suits you and your blog. This will hence be your domain name.

  1. Find a host and a writing software

No, this is not the animal channel version of the term or the social version which refers to the person serving guests. In technical terms, the host defines the company that will hold the info on your blog site. This is how people are able to land on your site once they search for it. Then, you need a software that will enable you to build the content for your blog. The most popular software used is WordPress. Once you have it installed, change up the layout and presentation to make it your own. You can change the colour, font and so on.

  1. Get started!

You can now publish your first blog. Now, this will be your debut so you must have it well thought out. It is best to use an engaging tone from the beginning as it sounds friendly and will draw your readers in. start off with something catchy to hook your readers and keep up the tone to the end to ensure that they feel the need to come back and read more. Another strategy to ensure that you have readers who come back is to add in an option of signing up for updates on new blogs. This will work to not only promote your blog but also build up a reader base that is bound to keep you writing. This in turn will push you to research more, have more content and eventually, bring out the true writer in you!

So you see, starting a blog is really not that hard. It only takes a great idea, good taste and some patience in the start-up process. From there, you can let your wings soar!