There’s something about words. For many, it is simply a way to pass a message around. But in actual fact, words hold an essence of the speaker; they define who the person is, their depth, knowledge, they hold a glimpse into their true personality. Words, if used right can bring out a range of emotions and should therefore be nurtured. This si why many turn to blogging as a way of expression. So how does this benefit you as a student? Let’s cast a light into this

  1. Intuitiveness

It is said that you cannot give what you do not have. In writing, it goes further to state that you cannot give what you have not received. As such, in order for you to write blogs that people can relate to or ultimately, blogs that draw out emotions and thoughts, you need to obtain the knowledge. You will need to study people, reactions, situations, reasons why and a host of other things. This will make it easy for you to have intuition into what people want to hear or how they are liable to react to particular contexts in society and you can then have a killer blog. You can also get ideas of how to hone on your instincts with the tips. This also expands your hunger for knowledge making you an even better student.

  1. Improves confidence

There is something that happens when you start writing. It is like another person comes out, and in most cases, they are a stronger louder person than you. When you get used to letting that inner you speak, you gain a confidence in your speech even when communicating directly with people. Blogging does this for you. It creates a platform for you to practice your communication skills first on un-faced individuals and eventually, makes it so much easier to talk to actual faces. There is no better way of saying that actually.

  1. Helps you explore your mind

Yes, this may sound like one of those things that people say to just confuse you further but it is a fact. When you blog, you have to be certain about what you are writing. You need to put together your thoughts prior to writing any bog. This then means that your brain is never on a dull moment. It is always fully active and your attention on full alert in order for you to know what to write about next. This ultimately expands your thought process and even expands your knowledge base and understanding.

  1. Getting heard

This in fact should be the first purpose and beauty of blogging. So many people find themselves feeling muffled, like their voices and thoughts are not fully expressed or heard. Now as a blogger, you get a perfect platform to fully express yourself. In fact, as a student, you are fully able to air your views about any issues going on in your university. The freedom of speech allows you to fully express yourself about any issue you need and have listening ears. Besides the fact that you get heard, it also enables you to practice your investigation and writing skills. This will reflect very well in the numerous papers that you will have to research on and write.

Generally, blogging works out very well for any individual. It is more so for a student in university as it enables them to hone in on their skills very early in life. It also enables you to eliminate some of the things you may discover you are not good in early enough in life. So take a step, try out a blog today see how well you fare. You just might surprise yourself!