Many people are taking a gap year all over the world. This is the most appropriate time to travel to the destinations you have never been to and discover the wonders of the world. Therefore, it is good to take this opportunity that might come up once in your life depending on the current commitments. In addition, traveling helps in releasing the stress that you have accumulated in your mind and therefore you are able to perform better when you get back. Did you know that there are countless destinations around Europe that will offer you unforgettable experience? In this article, we review some of the top European destinations for your gap year.


Istanbul is one of the major cities in Turkey and an ideal destination all year round. You will find several things to do in Istanbul when you visit the city for your gap year. These are worth experiencing and seeing and therefore you will have a lasting memory all year round. To begin with, Bosphorus Cruise is one of the best ways for you to take an overview of the city. You will experience the European and Asian shores and get to see the famous waterway. Secondly, you can visit several sightseeing sites in Istanbul where you will learn a lot including the culture of the locals you meet. The city also offers an exciting nightlife where you get to meet people from different cultures.

Barcelona in Spain

Students also love visiting Spain and one of the top destinations is Barcelona the cosmopolitan capital of Spain. Actually, this is home to the famous Barcelona FC and so an ideal destination for footballers. Take some time out and travel to Barcelona the city that hosts dozens of festivals all year round, where you also get to enjoy Spanish Cuisine and a blend of arts and culture. The city has several monumental and historical architectural structures with exciting opportunity to learn about the people of Spain.

Travel to Ireland

There are several exciting facts about Ireland and therefore the reason why you need to consider the country as your first choice destination for gap year travel. For instance, the Irish will consume over 131 liters of beer every year. In addition to the fact-finding mission, there are dozens of things to do in Ireland that will add value to your trip. For instance, you can visit the capital Dublin which is the home of renowned writers like Oscar Wilde. A cruise on river Shannon, visiting the home of Guinness and sightseeing at national shrine of Our Lady of Knock are some of the exciting things to do in Ireland.

Visit Italy

The Italians are an exciting population and one of the places where you should travel for your gap holiday. The country`s top attraction sites include a visit of the holly St Peter`s Basilica in Rome, visiting the iconic Trevi Fountain, spend some minutes with the “Last Supper” in Milan and also eat Pizza in Naples. Rome has an exciting nightlife that offers a nice experience to students. You will get to taste the Italian dishes and you can order your favorite meals at the top restaurants in Rome. Don’t be left out as all roads lead to Italy for the most exciting experience for thousands of gap year travelers.


Europe has always been the top destination for people from other continents. For instance, the continent clinched the top destination in the world in 2017. Therefore, this makes it a favorite gap year destination for students from all over the world. There are dozens of destinations offering an amazing experience that you should not miss.