Over the past years, the temporary jobs market has grown exceeding the expectations of many people. Historically, these are jobs that were associated with several beliefs and myths that mislead people. Therefore, it is important that we reveal these myths to educate recent graduates and encourage them to take the job opportunities. Keep reading to find out the myths surrounding the temporal job market.

Myth#1 Temporal Jobs are For Those Willing to Take Administration Roles

The temporal jobs have for a long time been associated with the administration graduates. Ideally, they were seen as a reserve for the administrators and therefore you will not find other professionals showing up to take these jobs.

Well, as much as there are admin related jobs available in the temporal job markets, there are still other jobs that professionals in accounting, financing, banking, and etc can take up. For instance, if you check out the jobs advertised by recruiting bureaus, you will realize that there are several companies looking for professionals who can work in other fields other than in the Admin work.

For instance, take an NGO that wants to run a pilot project or may want to conduct a research relating to their area. This NGO will need financial experts and they will also need drivers and administrators as well. However, since this is a fixed time commitment, they will certainly advertise these roles as temporal jobs.

Myth#2 Temporal Jobs are For the Inexperienced Staff

Amazingly, some people think that the temporal jobs should be applied by people who are inexperienced. These are often the interns looking for opportunities to learn as they practice. Therefore, the unemployed people keep away from applying for jobs advertised as temporal positions.

Whereas there is a high possibility that interns will be hired, companies will also hire a specialist to take up temporal jobs. Therefore, the unemployed professionals should also look for these opportunities. In any case, the companies also need experienced temporal employees to coach the interns.

Let’s consider our earlier example. The same NGO wants to ensure the project runs smoothly. Therefore, they might hire a part-time project manager to run the project for the fixed period. It is not possible to leave all the tasks to inexperienced interns.

Myth#3 Temporal Jobs Will Pay Less Money

Another common myth is that the temporal employees are paid less than the permanent employees. In fact, this myth follows the previous myth that we have analyzed. Some people will keep off from applying for temporal jobs because they feel they will be underpaid. The reality is that the temporal employees will most likely be underpaid. But if you check out for opportunities, you will find out that there are some opportunities that will pay better than the full-time employees. In most cases, the temporal jobs will pay per hour making them high paying opportunities.

As a matter of fact, the well paying temporal jobs are not likely to be easily found. However, if you are lucky you will find a high paying temporal job waiting for you.

Myth#4 Temporal Jobs Kill Your Career Growth Aspirations

Definitely, we all dream of taking long-term employment opportunities. However, the reality is that the long-term opportunities are not easily found. To many people, they feel that the short time jobs will kill their ambitions in that they will miss full-time employment opportunities.

Contrary to this myth, is that a temporal job might be the right path to landing a full-time job.


Don’t let the temporary job opportunity that comes your way go if you are a job seeker. Instead, grab the opportunity and ignore these myths.